Luxury Additions to Your Garden

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and it’s time to start spending more time in the garden. Here at Oasis we spend plenty of time in other peoples’ gardens, and we’ve come up with our ultimate wishlist of garden luxuries.

Luxury garden

Fire pit

For those of us not lucky enough to have woodburners to keep our sitting rooms cosy in the winter, summer time offers an opportunity to get a taste of luxury outside instead. A fire pit might sound like a simple, even rustic, addition to a garden, but take another look. The market offers everything from brutalist concrete to elegant steel wire constructions, and if you’d like something a little less labour intensive, stylish outdoor gas burners are available, too. We’re big fans of fire pits and braziers to make a statement for any scale of party and to keep people chatting as the night draws in.

Fire pit


Croquet set

Even the Queen of Hearts wouldn’t sniff at this, the last word in croquet sets. To help you add some serious class to your summer garden parties, the Croquet Association presents its comprehensive Competition Croquet Set. Complete with rule book, colour-marked mallets and balls, cast iron hoops and everything else you need for a first class game of croquet.


Water feature

Running water has been a desirable element in garden ornamentation for centuries, and our wishlist takes no exception. Fountains, fishponds, pools and waterfalls are all popular ways of incorporation water into our outdoor spaces. An item that can work both in- and out-doors is a water wall. Often used in restaurants and large reception areas, in gardens they act as understated water features. They provide the soft sound and peaceful sight of running water, making use of vertical surfaces rather than taking up floor square footage.



What could be more relaxing than swinging gently in a hammock, looking up into sunlight dappled through the treetops… nothing. The simple sailor’s sleeping place has become a sensational garden feature in recent years. No trees to hang it from? Never fear. There are plenty of free-standing hammocks available, and some even come with sun shades, so you can relax all day without fear of sunburn, or even stay out in the rain if you want to. Check out our chill out furniture for other relaxing alternatives, from soft floor cushions to pallet-seating.



Hot tub

No outdoor luxury wishlist would be complete without a hot tub. For parties or private moments of relaxation, nothing is quite as indulgent. The market has got something or everyone; from Scandinavian-style rustic wood finishes to seriously high-tech well-being hydro-massage machines. With suppliers even offering bespoke hot tubs made to order, the only limit is your imagination.


So there you have it. It looks like our ideal garden will need to be fairly expansive to accommodate all of our favourite luxuries! If you’d like to find out more about luxurious items for your garden or outdoor event, get in touch or leave us a comment below.

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