5 of our favourite party planning moments in the sun

As our Indian summer draws to a close we’d like to tell you about 5 of our favourite party planning moments in the sun.

As you can imagine as a wedding planner based in Gloucestershire, working anywhere in the UK, we’re prepared for all eventualities.

A major topic of planning focus to ensure absolute preparedness for an event of any kind is the so-called wet weather plan.

The summer of 2018 has served up consecutive months of sunshine for our guests to bask in, and allowed planning to go full throttle into open air mode.

Here are 5 our favourite party planning moments in the sun:

Walking  wedding guests through the meadow to drink in the view of the family home

Umbrellas at the ready for quick dash! No need as we could wander under a blue sky:

Floaty fabric at the top of birch-poles to create an arrival avenue

Popping the bar up in the garden with Cock and Tail Bars and The Garden Bar Hire

With ample space planned into the reception marquee just in case it was a pleasure to be able to place the Garden bar whhere it belonged when the wedding day came:

This bespoke bar was built by the brides brother

Conducting the blessing in a deconsecrated church with no roof

An intimate and totally individual bespoke ceremony was held in the midst of a ruined church, to launch a new marriage under the sky:


Dancing all night in the woods, under the trees

No need for walls on the stretch tent or extra rain cover, we partied after dinner until breakfast in the clearing, watching the sunrise:

Settling on a woodland chill out zone

More woodland frolicking after dinner, using the host’s giant tree cuttings and some select vintage furniture around the fire bowl for late night chats:

Dining marquee in full swing


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