A woodland party in Oxfordshire with Dr Seuss

One of the smmer’s highlight projects was planning a woodland party in Oxfordshire to celebrate two 21st birthdays . Like the Cat in the Hat, we built a fabulous party with a Dr Seuss theme from the ground up out of nowhere – in a woodland!

“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

Dr Seuss

… if you go into the woods today…

Two 21st birthdays were being celebrated – cousins who were clear from the outset that Dr Seuss would be the theme. Dinner would be hosted in a purpose built venue on the estate, complete with ‘green eggs and ham’ for dessert. Guests would arrive at the woodland party from 11pm to party the night away in our bespoke party setting. Surrounded by age-old trees, coloured lighting effects and carefully selected props, Dr Seuss came to Oxfordshire for a beautiful, bouncy, bizarre night of DJing, cocktails, and fireside chats.

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!”

Dr Seuss

The major challenges on a site like this for a woodland party are infrastructure and access, so we worked closely with the family and estate team to tackle these issues and plan for a smooth event. #TEAMWORKMAKESTHEDREAMWORK in full effect.

Lorax trees and Dr Seuss dressing

The woods were cleared and risk-assessed a month before the event, and the temporary structures from Hurlingham tents were built mindful of the trees overhead and the roots underfoot to plan a site which was safe and risk free. The neighbouring field was mown for vehicle access, and with one eye on the weather and a trakway quote up our sleeve, we were thrilled to start the build in the sun with dry ground, easy access (and no last minute expenditure needed).

All suppliers were contacted to ensure we could operate the private party without a water supply, and water was brought to site for supplier teams on the build, party and take down, and of course for the guests. With planet friendly solutions in mind for this party in a wood, the Cocktail Service team provided water in recyclable tins. These caused some party confusion at first – “no not a beer thank you – water please??” but not for long as everyone got used to this genius idea. The straws for cocktails were paper, and the disposable glasses were compostable. 5 ***** for eco-awareness from the bar team!

Cosy, pretty and ready for guests

Temporary power with a back-up supply arrived in good time to power the temporary loos for crew, and ultimately, the party.  Cables were laid with great care to avoid damage to the trees or any risk of tripping in the dark.

Pathways were lit with festoon lighting for safe passage and because they just shout FUN THIS WAY and the lighting created a safe, pretty space around the tented site for this party in a wood full of fun and frolicks.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Dr Seuss

The bar kept the drinks flowing and an eye on the welfare of everyone there, together with security to make sure no-one got lost in the woods!

Cocktail time in the woods

We provided a sleeping tent and a breakfast van to make sure nobody left the site under-slept or underfed… It’s amazing how much a bacon bap can make you smile when you have been up all night!

Our special thanks go to the estate’s event team, woodland team and security for all their assistance and flexibility in allowing us to create ‘Whoville‘ in the middle of nowhere.

Fireside chats

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Plus 1

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.”

Dr Seuss

Would you like to talk to us about planning a party in a wood, or party planning for another celebrations? We’d like to hear from you.