Living and loving in the Cotswolds

If you’re looking into life and lifestyle, living and loving in the Cotswolds you’ll be spoiled for great blogs and feeds – they’re lovely to follow even if you already live here!  A couple of our favourites include @katy_campbell_house_hunter for sneaky peaks of Cotswold residential gems and @rockthecotswolds for showcasing talent in every sphere of industry and creativity, right in here in the ‘Wolds.

Beyond country piles, romantic wedding venues and cosy gastro pubs its amazing how much ELSE goes on within the sleepy, honey-stoned, leafy green Cotswolds.  To read all about the goings on in business – large and small – in our area, check out Business and Innovation magazine

They lay it all out for you with great writing and so much truly readable content championing success, growth and the rest.  Mixed in with the giants of corporate life is news from the smaller doers, makers and shakers from our region.  It would be wrong to admit to this magazine being a favourite for a Friday night in, in the bath, like “Heat” was in our 20s, so we wont.  But we WILL admit to being super chuffed about being featured on the “Work to live” page in the current issue.  They have very kindly featured a Space-themed party we produced in the summer for 600 intrepid space-travellers.  We created the “journey in to the cosmos” event in the heat of July for employees at a super-luxe Cotswolds-based international travel company.

Inflatable space-themed structure ready for lift-off

Space-themed party entrance via Mission Control

Want to know more?

You can read all about it in their online magazine if you’re not a subscriber, or check the Space party out in detail on our own Gallery and Films pages.

And if it whets your appetite for a corporate celebration, or a private one -well,  we’re all ears…