Last minute New Years Eve party…Oasis style

The evening you’ve been talking about for the last 364 days. What shall we do this year? What are your plans? All this talk of doing something incredible, saying how you’ll put at least a month of planning into it…..uh oh its 1pm on 31st December, you have guests arriving in a matter of hours and your still in your pajamas having a fight with your ‘Kenwood Cake Mixer’.

Panic not…step away from the mixer, take a seat and focus on our guide to throwing the best, last minute New Year’s Party!  We’re never shy of planning a party and would like to share some suggestions for throwing a party of your own.

No matter how little time you have to plan your #NewYearsParty, you should always put your personal touch on it. Throw the party that you have always wished someone else would throw! If you keep it true to yourself, it’s bound to be unique!

In the words of Einstein, keep it simple. Things are far more likely to go wrong if you try and take on too much.

Canapes will be your saviour – they’re simple, classy and the perfect finger food to welcome your guests with.

Candles, candles, candles! They will (quite literally) light up your party and create the perfect mood and atmosphere. Don’t forget to take precautions and put them in a safe place where they can’t get knocked over by someone pulling some crazy shapes!

Tea glasses_027_Firehouse 2008   Teaglasses_IMG_1419_BBC 2012



Music- put together a playlist of the top hits from 2015, making sure it’s appropriate for all ages. Don’t forget to download ‘Auld Lang Syne’ for a good ‘auld’ sing along at midnight.

Party Poppers – Cheap AND fun. Make sure you hand them round to your guests for the run up to midnight.

Finally, our best tip is to be the mindful host/hostess that puts bottles of water on your guests cars for the following morning and sees them out with a bacon butty.

What a way to start off 2016.

Happy New Year from all at Oasis!