It’s been another happy, busy year for Oasis! Our lovely crew members, directors and office ladies are certainly ready for a rest! HOWEVER, we thought it would be fun to look a little more into, exactly what our year has been like with some fun stats!

We pride ourselves on being a friendly local supplier for our wonderful Cotswold friends. However, we have been far and wide as well! So far in fact, THIS YEAR Oasis’ vans have travelled a total of 98,000 miles. #OMG

Throughout 2016 we have also developed our stock, trying to keep with ‘the latest trends’ to ensure HAPPY CLIENTS! Therefore, over the year we have introduced 132 new stock items. #WOW

One of our most popular hire items was the Pipe and Drape system. It really is the perfect alternative to expensive drapes – and the best way to transform a space quickly! So much so…3,258 meters of it went out in 2016! #THATS2MILES!

Of course, when 132 new stock items have been introduced, 98,000 miles have been driven and 2 miles of pipe and drape has been installed…this calls for tea – and LOTS of it! To be precise, Oasis has worked out that roughly 14,235 cups of tea have been slurped over the year. Which means 60KG of sugar has been consumed. #YUM

To top this off, after a whopping 53,980 staff hours worked, we can certainly say we are ready to eat, drink and be merry! #HOHOHO



We thank our wonderful clients for their business in 2016 and wish everyone a HAPPY, HEALTHY CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR!

Team Oasis x

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