Cotswold caterer Ross & Ross joins the Oasis Pool of Cool

With Easter on the horizon and the feasting about to commence, what more perfect person to settle onto the sofa and chat to for 10 minutes than one half of our local, multi award-winning Cotswold caterer… Ross and Ross?

Let’s see what Ross Whitmill has to share about himself over a coffee shall we?

So Ross…. Tell us!  What is the most memorable event you personally have ever attended?
A couple of years ago my wife and I went to then Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace – it was incredible!

Impressive….!  What did you WEAR?!
Tails – I didn’t have a top hat though!

What were you drinking or eating?
They had put on a cold spread with the finest British Classics – Scotch Eggs, Pork Pies, Scottish Angus Beef Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon Sandwiches and of course, Cucumber Sandwiches!

What is the most exotic venue you have ever attended?
Probably Nikki Beach in Ibiza.

And your favourite cocktail for such a venue?
A really great, well made, fresh Margarita

Best event you have ever been a part of professionally?
Our 5th Birthday Pop Up. This was a great occasion to celebrate the business’s 5th birthday as a Cotswold Caterer and fine food provider, to say thank you to some of the amazing local suppliers and friends who helped us make it to 5 years! We cooked up Mussel & Saffron Broth, Burrata with Beetroot & Radishes, some fabulous Beef Fillet, and treated our guests to Salted Caramel Chocolate Pots. Yep – it was a cracker…

Worst event you have ever been a part of professionally?
When we were first starting out with the outside catering part of our business we attended a few different local markets with our Street Food Stand. In the pouring rain, when noone else is around and you really just want to be enjoying your weekend with your family it wasn’t much fun!

What is the social media post that made you laugh the most in the last month?
Definitely KFC’s Clean Eating Advert!

Cats or dogs?
Dogs ! I’ve got a working Cocker called Jet, he’s a handful but we wouldn’t be without him!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Not a caterer that’s for sure… A Lighting Engineer or a stunt man!

Highlight of your career?
Setting up Ross & Ross! It can be incredibly hard work starting out on your own, but we’ve never looked back, and we’re really proud of how our business has evolved.  Setting up our Cotswold catering arm alongside our Fine Cotswold Food was the best thing we ever did.

Event in history you wish you had cooked for?
It would have to be some incredible moment in history like King Henry the 8th’s Coronation – he loved his food, and it would have been a huge challenge to create such a fantastic feast for him and his guests!

Best bit of professional advice you were ever given?
Love what you do! Someone once told me to turn my hobby into my job, and I did! If you don’t have a passion for what you are doing you’re just wasting your own time.

Advice to someone about to plan their own party/wedding/large scale event?
Organisation is key! Don’t scrimp on staff as these are the people who will make your event run smoothly and clear it all up so you don’t have to ! Also set your budget and stick to it. It’s so easy to go overbudget on items that may not be necessary!

3 most important things for an event?
Food, Booze & Friends!

If you were planning your own party and budget was no issue… what would you do?
Definitely a Beach Party in Ibiza. I really like relaxed and informal parties with big platters of food, so I’d have a big BBQ, Seafood Stations and a Cocktail bar where guests could just help themselves to as much as they wanted. A great DJ would provide the music and we’d party till dawn!

What kind of fancy dress party would you throw?
Halloween! There’s something about Halloween fancy dress that I just love!

Would you ask Oasis to plan your party? Why?
Yes, definitely! They’re great! Their attention to detail is second to none, and they have a really relaxed but professional vibe that I connect really well with.  …Awww thanks Ross 🙂 relaxed and professional works for us!

What is the music you like to dance to on your own in the kitchen (we know you do)
I always have the Slaves turned up really loud! They don’t always thank me for it in the office upstairs!

Song you would give to your clients to get them in the party mood?
Queen – Don’t stop me now – a classic!

… And here is looking dapper, carving his latest creation for a fine dining experience…

… or is he about to dash to the airport for a weekend in Ibiza???  … wait for us!!