The Brief

To transform our client’s farmhouse and grounds into “Cowboy town” great design, production values, and the element of surprise gave this laid-back party theme an exciting, high-quality feel.

The Solution

Oasis embraced the farmyard feel by building the first stage of the party reception around the client’s own barns, with a bar in their horsebox, one in the lean-to, and a Jail, Outfitters and Games room in the stables.  Bottled drinks were served in iced drinking troughs, finger food was plentiful, hay bales provided seating, fires were lit and the tequila flowed.

At the crack of the Sheriff’s whip guests were summoned down the 4m tall scenery “street” through Cowboy town to the secretly revealed Saloon bar, through the bespoke wooden swing doors, for more drinks and food. 

The Saloon offered an epic 6m bespoke wooden bar and 360 degree detailed dressing, including a Trading post, General Store,  Bank, Mining supplies store and the Longhorn Lounge - which doubled as a raised stage for a band.

After a surprise flash mob of cowgirls dancing on top of the bar… the wall of the Saloon parted to reveal FUNKY TOWN where an LED Nightclub became the setting for dancing the night away.  With DJ and bands flown in for the occasion, live music at every stage, and professional dancers to hype the crowd throughout, this was the Cotswold cowboy party to end all parties!