Protective Sports Hall Floor Tiles for Events

Oasis provided a solution which added value to the existing infrastructure at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University’s new Sports Facility – the Oriam Centre (Scotland’s National Sports Performance Centre).

The University are now able to hold their graduation ceremonies in a large University-owned space avoiding the costs of hiring a venue to hold hundreds of students and parents for graduations, or other events.

Oasis Events provided:

  1. Protective Sports Hall Floor Tiles to protect the sprung sports hall gymnasium floor… these are a superb solution and provide a great value temporary floor protection re-useable interlocking carpet tiles which are stored onsite, and replaced individually as required.
  2. A removable and flexible backdrop for the ceremony: A Freestanding pipe and drape wall drape system that supported Black Wool Serge Drapes on three sides of the venue.

All of the items can be packed down easily and are stored onsite.

Using an existing space like a Sports Hall enables additional revenue earning opportunities:

  • Most Sports Centres have good existing facilities (lighting, heating and cooling, toilets, parking etc.) so there’s no need to hire these in.
  • The Sports Hall Floor Tiles allowed the University to meet multi-use objectives for the Oriam Centre and enables other events to take place e.g. the Royal Regiment of Scotland’s Charity Boxing match (see photos above).

We can advise on whether to hire or purchase and can provide staff training, maintenance (inspection and cleaning), lighting, Storage bags and boxes and Sports Hall trolleys, Customised overlays, and roof banners, installation of Gymnasium carpet, Sports hall floor protection / indoor gym flooring, and Protective covering for wood floors.

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