Bespoke lining designs

We design and manufacture bespoke projects

Bespoke wall linings in the design of your choice


Bespoke ceiling drapes made-to-measure – for purchase by marquee companies.

Some examples below

  • Fern print linings – a bespoke manufacture for Be Upstanding Marquees.
  • Block-printed Green & Turquoise linings and Jasmine linings with a blue motif – currently in development.

If you would like a bespoke lining contact [email protected]

We use a range of printing technologies from the most basic hand-crafted block printing to more modern digital methods, and sometimes have stock of bespoke manufactured linings leftover for hire – please enquire with [email protected]


There's no limitations

Theme Ideas

Let your imagination run wild


We design bespoke linings to suit your specification whether a marquee (3m eaves, 2.3m eaves, 3m bays, 5m bays and so on), or for an event venue.

If you are a marquee company and would like to purchase linings we would be pleased to discuss this with you, please email [email protected]