The Brief

An informal and relaxed, cosy winter birthday party in a marquee at the client’s home, separate from the house, to entertain 100 guests and celebrate a 50th birthday.

The Solution

The garden at our client’s home worked well for a marquee which we sourced from a local preferred supplier. Although the ground was fairly flat we planned for a boarded floor to create a quality finish inside the party and to help to insulate the space at the time of year.

We designed the look for the winter birthday party to be wintry but cosy, understated but pretty and to avoid any direct reference to Christmas! Sparkling lights, cosy furs and candle light were key, glass vases and votives and a beautiful palette of white, silver, greys and neutrals for the flowers and dressing comfy and occasional furniture was chosen over a seated meal at traditional tables – a mix of leather sofas and mirrored cube tables, a mirrored bar and ghost stools, and ice chairs around bistro tables with understated dove grey linens.

The visual highlight of the room was the twinkling white dance floor with LED lights. The dressing and flowers were various rather than uniform to avoid a formal feel, with asymmetrical foraged pieces adding scale to the entrance and exit and the back of the bar jars of candles and tiny blooms were clustered for a cosy effect, with tea lights flickering in glass baubles suspended around the room.

The cocktails were a major element of the party; these were chosen at a tasting at the client’s home, and served in cut glass coupes and high balls by a slick and professional bar team also pouring champagne, beers, wine and non-alcoholic mocktails and other soft drinks. Sufficient stock was brought to the event to ensure that the excess requirement for champagne and other drinks could be covered with no trouble, after being given the nod from the host.

Canapes and bowl food with an oriental leaning were circulated from the guests’ arrival until 9.30pm to keep the atmosphere informal and ensure everyone had a chance to try every dish.

A chocolate fountain kept everyone happy with a quick dip every now and then into the wee small hours.

Following some speeches a superb cover band kicked off the dancing and the hosts hit the LED dance floor from then on, joined by their friends for a fantastic live set followed by a play list of favourite songs.

The hostess and her family had their make up done before the winter birthday party; photos were taken of the family with a glass in hand just before the guest arrival looking relaxed and happy.

The parking of supplier and guest cars at the house and at the neighbouring was managed via the invitation process and with attendants on the night