The Brief

A London-based private equity firm convened at Cowley Manor Hotel and Spa in Gloucestershire for their annual company offsite meeting, for a 3-day mix of work and play. Historically offsite meetings had been in exotic foreign locations; this time a UK destination was chosen, and the challenge was set for the experience to be a highlight of the year, nevertheless!

Oasis was engaged to support the event in every aspect, ensuring that the meeting and hospitality elements ran seamlessly and were of the highest standard.

The Solution

Oasis delivered not only a fail-safe sequence of meetings and breakouts but also memorably unique activities and evening events which received hugely positive feedback from the partners and delegates.

Oasis planned meticulously with the award-winning Gloucestershire hotel, utilising all areas inside and outside to best effect, to keep the scheduled events moving around different locations in the venue during the 3 days. In a series of tightly coordinated, creative venue transformations:

  • the dining room became an interchangeable breakfast room and conference plenary - complete with sound light live streaming and filming
  • a fiesta party was held in the grounds and on the terrace of the hotel to welcome guests on night 1
  • the hotel bar on night 1 became a slick nightclub with white surfaces, a disco ball and DJ
  • and on night 2 it became a blacked-out party venue with UV lighting.
  • On night 2 the Lounge, used for breakouts by day was also transformed to host an 8 piece band with a stage, dance floor, backdrop and lighting

A team of 11 worked throughout the week, to deliver all production, creative elements and highlights, with local suppliers bringing everything from additional temporary power, covering a last-minute request to film the event, to the finest details of dressing and decorating rooms and spaces in a fast-paced turnaround every few hours.

Venue before...

Venue after the tranformations