Carnival 21st

The Brief

To create a sumptuous 21st Birthday party with the core theme of carnival, but with an edge.


The Solution

The client’s private estate offered a huge number of options for the party site, and it was decided to plan around an old quarry accessed through the woods… The client felt strongly about local suppliers should be used wherever possible so it was a pleasure for Oasis to make new connections and also to work closely with the estate and it’s creative, practical team.

Guests arrived over a small bridge onto the gated estate and parked at the foot of the hill. A Flared walkway led them to a bright, architecturally-lit wood and on to the top of the hill where two adjoining marquee structures were sited.

Marquee 1 was dressed in the style of Favela Chic for drinks, overlooking the lake as darkness fell, creating a magical backdrop of more lighting to trees and the water. Marquee 2 brought “Carnival” to life with a twist on Oasis Saffron, giant palms, rich colours and opulent, internally lit floral arrangements for dinner. Not a feather or bikini-clad performer in sight! After a 3-course meal and dancing to renowned ska and reggae band Gaz and the Trojans, at around 2am the third venue was launched for dancing until dawn under a DJ booth built into the rock face of the surrounding cliffs. As dawn broke guests were ushered down to the parking field where party-branded water bottles rested on each car windscreen and a hot breakfast was served.



“Dany, you were amazing – the whole thing was amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so sorry it’s all over.  But at least we’ve got the next party to look forward to in a couple of years. And you’d better be by my side then … or else!!”

Vicky Macaskie, PA to Lord Margadale, Fonthill Estate

Photography by Hugo Burnand

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