70s Party Cotswolds

The Brief

To make use of the client’s indoor riding school as a venue to host 150 guests for a winter party on 21st December.   Subsequently our client asked us to theme the party – 70s party!

The solution

With our experience of venue transformations coming in handy, we walked in to the riding school and could immediately see the potential to transform it into a fantastic 70s party venue.

We weatherproofed the barn walls with heavy black linings out of sight. We hung red (wall) and white (ceiling) linings inside it to style it for the event.  We arranged for a waterproof marquee outside the barn to welcome guests and to house a loo trailer and coat rails. Adjoining the barn door it created one seamless 70s party venue.

Boarded floor and carpeting throughout made the barn feel like a proper nightclub venue.

Sound and light

The spectacular oil effect and up lighting, dance floor lights, strobes and lasers, a bubble machine, projected 70s imagery and adverts.

The most enormous mirror ball and multi-coloured light up dance floor were specific additions for this themed 70s party, and brought the venue to life.

In addition to dressing the venue…

…our service included the sourcing and management of all suppliers:

  • The PA showcased a number of DJs through the night starting with 70s favourites and moving onto to more modern tunes. He coordinated with the dancers – we provided staging to include the DJ booth and podiums for dancing.
  • The bar (70s cocktails please; the obligatory Babycham; all staff to wear wigs or props!)
  • Food service to continue the 70s party vibe with a range of nibbles – think good quality local cheese and fresh pineapple on sticks, and scotch eggs – and a hearty 70s favourite – followed by chilli and nachos before the dancing began.
  • To entertain: a professional magician during drinks who had jaws dropping all over the place. Followed by a troupe of professional choreographed dancers. A Flashmob to “Papa was a rolling stone”, some podium dancing and mingling with guests. Then a “John Travolta” moment where our male dancer and his white flared suit took over the dance floor to “You should be dancing”.
  • All event logistics were taken care of from professional hair and make up to get the hosts ready. To parking and site management, temporary loos, power and heating for the barn and marquee. Road signs to direct guests and outdoor lighting. Even house sitters were provided for while the party was in full flow.

Here is a 30 second time lapse of how we did it!


Last night surpassed all expectations. Thank you for making it the most memorable party ever. We felt we were turning up at someone else’s party and not our own.. ! Everyone is overwhelmed by how amazing the party was and I will spread the word about how amazing you and Mark are!

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