Oasis Open Days 2016 – the Pool of Cool

…featuring The M’hencha Company

Calling all foodies!

Oasis cant wait for our Open Days to arrive for many many exciting reasons..one of them being..The M’hencha Company are providing lots of delicious cake! An exotic Moroccan Pastry Cake, also known as “snake cake” or “serpent cake” due to it’s coiled form. It is made with an almond frangipane infused with exotic flavours wrapped in crisp brick pastry. The lovely Sophie, hand crafts every M’hencha that leaves the kitchen, including hand grating the citrus fruits to get the best of the zest and natural oils because this delivers the best flavours. She is a passionate artisan and incredibly proud to be one of many creative Cotswold Foodie businesses. ‪#‎OasisLoves‬ take a look..https://www.themhenchacompany.co.uk/