Oasis Events Open Days – Pool of Cool

…featuring Sixteen Ridges

We’d like to welcome Sixteen Ridges to the pool of cool!  We have had the pleasure of witnessing the emergence of this wonderful English wine brand, which offers an emerging new range of still and sparkling wines produced at their winery in Ledbury, not at all far from Oasis HQ.  You will be able to taste their red pinot noir, white Bacchus and white and rose sparkling wines on Friday 11th March at the Oasis Open Day.

The vineyard was planted in 2007 on an ancient ridge and furrow field – hence Sixteen Ridges – #oasisloves!  We’re no experts but understand that because it’s south facing and a natural amphitheatre shape with excellent shelter, combined with exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of farming, the setting ensures that they have the best fruit available to make their distinctly special wines.

Plated primarily with Pinot Noir, they began selling their still range of wines in 2014; retailing through artisan specialists such as Cotswold Rockers Gloucester Services, Ludlow Food Centre, Wholefoods, Teddington Stores, as well as many reputable wine merchants across the country. They are already award winning – with a Decanter and International Wines and Spirits competition award in their first year, which really boosted sales and interest in their range of still wines including an uncommon white Pinot Noir, a delicious rosé, and a complex medium bodied red.

In Jan 2016 they launched their much awaited 2013 sparkling rose range, which are aged for a minimum of 2  years, producing a “delightful blush sparkling rosé”, and “elegant vivacious sparkling white”.

Keep it up Sixteen Ridges!