Oasis Events Open Days – Pool of Cool

Introducing the wonderful Mona of Samara Cuisine, with Lebanese cuisine beautifully complementing our Arabian tents since 2008.

Mona, based in Surrey, has spent the last decade bringing exquisite food and Arabic glamour to hundreds weddings and parties for hundreds for people and for to intimate dinners for ten. You can taste her Baklava at our Open Days!

Drawing on the best and most authentic of Beiruti and Lebanese recipes learnt throughout Mona’s childhood, Samara Cuisine offers a fresh and healthy alternative to traditional catering which you can taste is made from the heart, and comes with her friendly, personalised approach.

From endless variations of mezze by way of intensely sweet and savoury flavours of tagine and bistilla to rose-tinged, syrup-drenched pastries and baklava, all the Lebanese and Moroccan food is ready to be served or cooked in your own home, together with music, belly dancers, snake charmers, camels and shishas too if you’d like them!

Stately homes, the Tower of London, cricket pavilions, on hillsides in Surrey and of course in countless private residences have benefited from Mona’s services.
Interested? Check out Mona’s regular cooking classes and her blog, Never Mind the Hummus – From Beirut to London in 100 Dishes