What is event management and how can we help you?

Before any event, there is always that memorable day. Whether it’s a wedding proposal, the day you finally decide to have a party for your milestone birthday or the annual reminder that its time to prepare for a corporate event. It’s all doable and exciting, and the idea of hiring an event planner may seem totally unnecessary. We understand!

It’s never too early for a first conversation to see where we can fill the gaps for you, and we’re always happy to talk…. From experience, as the event looms closer and everyday-life and work continues as fast-paced as it always is, budget control, the finer details and supplier liaising may take a hit. An event manager is the helping hand to create the event you envisage, allowing you to enjoy the fun in the lead up to the event, we will handle the stresses of budgeting, alterations, suppliers and scheduling.   We can introduce design ideas, or research the ones you already have.  We know who to talk to, where you will get the best service and the best value, and we LOVE to organise!  Most importantly we’re there on the day to enable you to be a guest at your own event, arriving, fresh, excited and happy – not tired, frazzled and wishing it would all be over!

Just before your guests arrive we are on standby, allowing for last minute issues to be resolved smoothly and in good time.  Equipment is tested, heaters are set, checks are made on everything from the chiller being on to car park attendants briefed and fires lit.  Last minute guests are added to table plans, lost guests are redirected ….. and attending guests receive a warm welcome from a happy, relaxed and prepared team of event professionals ready to do what they do best.

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Events Director Dany Fremantle was a producer at global event production company Jack Morton Worldwide.  She brings her eye for detail and capacity for juggling multiple suppliers to the management of large-scale private events, turning creative vision into spectacular reality. Dany’s experience allows her to foresee issues so they can be dealt with proactively rather than reactively.

Running an events business with family values at its heart ensures that Dany’s project work comes with sensitivity to the personality and unique requirements of her clients, with tight budget control, clear communication and a flexible, friendly approach.

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With years of experience in coordinating extraordinary milestone family events and corporate events alike, we have the experience to seamlessly manage your entire event from start to finish.  We recommend and manage specialist suppliers from caterers to entertainers, lighting to fireworks, to suit the style and budget of your event.  Our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure that you can relax and enjoy yourself as your event unfolds, and memories are made. Read more about our event management and planning service here.

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