The Brief

The faculty of business and law of Staffordshire University have turned to Oasis for the past 4 years to bring a challenging annual event to life.  Young business undergraduates gather for an “all-nighter” of presentations, workshops and awards to bring their studies from the academic environment to a long night of practical application.

The Solution

The natural location for the university to gather large groups of students is the student union building.  Oasis has used different treatments every November to provide a fresh and lively environment within which students can focus, meet, discuss and take time out in different spaces created using free standing drapes, floor coverings and innovative furniture solutions.

Budgets are tightly managed to comply with grants available to the client to fund the events. Event styles have included an “Industrial Ideas Factory” slant, clear cut black white and red, and cosy, softly furnished sitting room vibes.

With a tight schedule to accommodate student events either side of the all-nighters, this project is always executed with careful focus to balance new design ideas and certainty that the allocated time frame will suffice for a perfect set up and seamless take down.