Relaxed summer party - getting the party started

The Brief

Our client asked us to produce a fun, relaxed summer party for 150 guests. He was celebrating a 40th birthday but was mostly keen to enjoy spending time with friends casually at his home in Cheltenham. He asked if we could take care of all aspects of the party so that he could relax and enjoy entertaining, and party late into the night with friends and family.

DJ to get the party started

The Solution

The party design encouraged a relaxed feel by welcoming guests thought the house to drinks on the terrace – which made a natural reception space overlooking the garden and the pool.

Adjoining the terrace we arranged a structure for dining, bar and dancing which felt like a continuation of the outdoor space with clear windows facing the garden.

A unique marquee wall lining for the dining end of the structure, and a statement bar with an overhead lighting installation provided key design pieces to ensure that the marquee felt fun, informal and like the setting for a great party.

Cocktails and champagne were served in the late afternoon sun, the guests helped themselves to the BBQ of beautifully prepared meats and delicious colourful salads, with chilled beats from the DJ as background to the evening.

After the meal, the tunes got louder, the bar got busier and after an hour of dancing the band arrived to change the evening up a gear.

Beautiful garden lighting provided lovely sitting out areas for the balmy weather and late stayers were treated to handmade pizza served live from the client’s own pizza oven for a homely feel