The Brief

This festival weekender was meticulously crafted for 150 adults and 50 children, all set for a private celebration in our client’s picturesque field. Spanning two nights and two days, the event was designed to offer endless family fun and a joyful gathering of friends celebrating two significant birthdays. The client desired an atmosphere brimming with music, delectable food and drinks, vibrant decorations, and above all, a hassle-free experience.

The Solution

Our bespoke event planning team arrived at the family farm with three days to spare before the grand weekend. The first task was to set up various structures, creating distinct areas for relaxation, play, drinking, and dancing. Our setup included a Clubhouse, a dressing room for campers, a fully equipped kitchen, a baby changing tent, a luxurious Glampsite complete with a tuck store and showers, a green room for the bands, and a production office cleverly located in the stable – establishing our unique venue.

We then turned our attention to the event's aesthetics, adorning the space with vibrant flags, colourful bunting, and festoon lights, creating a warm and inviting perimeter around the main activity areas. To ensure comfort and cosiness, we provided fire bowls for the evenings. We scattered wooden outdoor furniture, deck chairs, and hay bales for guests to lounge on during sunny days or engage in intimate night-time conversations.

A small but dedicated production crew worked tirelessly throughout the week, ensuring the site was beautifully lit and that music filled the air at every turn. This level of premier event management guarantees a seamless experience.

A converted horse box was transformed into a bustling bar, complete with an awning to protect against the occasional rain shower. It served premium local drinks that were a hit with everyone. Various colourful food trucks offered an array of culinary delights, from vegan wraps and pizzas to tacos, crepes, and burgers, keeping everyone well-fed and energised.

An afternoon tea feast, lovingly prepared and contributed by the guests, was a visual and gastronomic highlight, rivalling the finest tea services. For the early risers, breakfast was served hot and fresh in the clubhouse, ensuring everyone started their day on a delicious note.

Throughout the weekend, entertainment was non-stop, with performances from 8 bands and DJs. Activities included bouncy castles, face painting, a photo booth, story time sessions, movie nights, ping pong, and treasure hunts, ensuring guests of all ages were entertained.

Minibuses provided convenient transportation to and from the train station and nearby B&Bs, operating late into the night to accommodate everyone's schedules.

The weekend's standout moments included a stunning drone photo of nighttime festivities, a sea of neon glasses lighting up the dance floor, and the whimsical image of cakes being carried under umbrellas during afternoon tea. By the end of the event, we were honoured with the title “The makers of dreams,” a testament to the unforgettable experiences we crafted. Our expert event planners excelled in creating a truly memorable celebration.