The Brief

Thorpe House School in Buckinghamshire celebrated its centenary year, and the PTA aimed to host a spectacular fundraising ball. As specialists in event planning and renowned for our exceptional event management services, Oasis Events was tasked with designing an unforgettable event within the school's Sports Hall, utilising existing infrastructure to create a celebratory atmosphere.

The Solution

As the best event planners in the region, we transformed the school's new Sports Hall into an elegant venue, demonstrating our commitment to cost-effective solutions. By utilising the existing space, we helped the school avoid substantial costs associated with event-hire equipment, ensuring a responsible use of resources.

We designed an intelligent drape scheme that matched the school's colours, turning the Sports Hall into a sophisticated setting for 250 guests. Our team at Oasis Events executed a complete transformation, incorporating bespoke drapes, dynamic lighting, and stylish furniture. This ensured that the event space exuded an air of exclusivity and celebration, promising a unique and special experience for the guests.

The transformation of the Sports Hall was a testament to our creative prowess and commitment to delivering luxury event coordination. We began by selecting high-quality drapes that matched the school's colours, creating a cohesive and visually stunning backdrop. These drapes not only enhanced the hall's aesthetics but also helped acoustically treat the space, ensuring a comfortable environment for conversation and celebration.

Dynamic lighting played a crucial role in setting the mood for the evening. We employed various lighting techniques, from soft ambient lighting that created a warm and inviting atmosphere to dramatic spotlights highlighting critical areas like the stage and dance floor. The lighting was carefully choreographed to complement the different phases of the event, from the initial reception to the dinner service and the evening's entertainment.

Oasis Events, event planners remain committed to creating bespoke events that leave lasting impressions. Whether it's exclusive party planning or bespoke event coordination, we continue to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Here's to a century of achievements and many more to come!