Our Top 5 Christmas party planning picks

By Dany Fremantle | 08/12/2018

It’s nearly Christmas! We have taken a few minutes out over a mulled wine and a mince pie to choose our Top 5 Christmas party planning picks from the world of events to inspire us with Christmas party styles and themes that are happening right now: A little night fever The 70s are all the…

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A woodland party in Oxfordshire with Dr Seuss

By Mark Fremantle | 23/11/2018

One of the smmer’s highlight projects was planning a woodland party in Oxfordshire to celebrate two 21st birthdays . Like the Cat in the Hat, we built a fabulous party with a Dr Seuss theme from the ground up out of nowhere – in a woodland! “If you never did you should. These things are…

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Dining marquee in full swing

5 of our favourite party planning moments in the sun

By Dany Fremantle | 10/10/2018

As our Indian summer draws to a close we’d like to tell you about 5 of our favourite party planning moments in the sun. As you can imagine as a wedding planner based in Gloucestershire, working anywhere in the UK, we’re prepared for all eventualities. A major topic of planning focus to ensure absolute preparedness…

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Amazing DJs and bands fill the dancefloor

Living and loving in the Cotswolds

By Dany Fremantle | 11/09/2018

If you’re looking into life and lifestyle, living and loving in the Cotswolds you’ll be spoiled for great blogs and feeds – they’re lovely to follow even if you already live here!  A couple of our favourites include @katy_campbell_house_hunter for sneaky peaks of Cotswold residential gems and @rockthecotswolds for showcasing talent in every sphere of industry and…

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Marquee over a pool with clear floor and a shark prop

SHAKEN NOT STIRRED: The diary of a 007 party planner

By Mark Fremantle | 23/07/2018

February 2018: You mission should you choose to accept it… Our brief for this private party was to bring Bloefields Lair to a private address in Cheltenham, suspend a dining room over a swimming pool and provide sharks swimming in the water beneath the guests. With 6 weeks to plan the party we had our…

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Secret Party Planning in Wiltshire – Welcome to Las Vegas!

By Dany Fremantle | 10/07/2018

Our secret party planning mission in Wiltshire must be 2018’s most glamorous and most secret Oasis project so far – a Las Vegas themed event for 200 guests, in a secret location on a private estate.  It was the third opportunity we’d had to wow the guests of this party-loving family over the years. The…

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party planner

So Glos interviews a Gloucestershire Party Planner: Oasis Events!

By Dany Fremantle | 02/02/2018

Happy Friday everyone!  This week Oasis Events had the pleasure of chatting with SoGlos about being a party planner for celebrations to remember in Gloucestershire and beyond.  Our “behind the scenes interview” includes comments on the entire party planning process, and why our county provides the perfect setting for sensational celebrations. Have a read of…

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Dany Fremantle party planner in the Cotswolds and beyond

The onsite survival kit of a Cotswold party planner

By Dany Fremantle | 04/01/2018

So – What’s inside the onsite survival kit for a Cotswold party planner? No matter how creative, organised and prepared your party planner is for your event, the real skill, even with planning completed down to the most meticulous detail, is in handling the unexpected. So we come armed to every build, live event and…

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Punk badges for themed party

Oxfordshire party planning with a punk theme

By Dany Fremantle | 12/12/2017

Time to throw it back to some Oxfordshire party planning from September which allows us to share a selection of warm and cosy looking photos of a 21st Birthday party with a punk theme.  This event for 120 guests was held in a “blank canvas” Cotswold venue which we had the pleasure of designing, dressing…

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