Adventure of the week!

For over a year we have been working with a lovely couple helping to transform a space for their wedding…. and after all this waiting, it’s this weekend!

‘What makes this wedding different from any other?’ I hear you say. Here’s why…

Osea is a luxury island available as a unique wedding venue. Located surprisingly close to central London, it sits serenely on the Blackwater Estuary surrounded by four and a half miles of its own beaches and coastline.

Yesterday, two of our senior crew members trecked by van and boat to create this #OasisTransformation. Working against the ‘tide’ it was essential the installation was carried out quickly, yet efficiently. Oasis accepted this challenge!!

Our lovely bride and groom ‘to be’ chose to drape the walls with our classic yet unique Jasmine lining as well as using bespoke ceiling strips to fully bring the look to life!

Our fairy light and festoon set up will certainly create a romantic atmosphere tomorrow evening, twinkling in the background of photographs.

Here is some of the work in progress:


Keep an eye out for the ‘Finished Look’ next week!

#OasisLoved working with Jam Jar Flowers, the venue and of course our clients. We wish you a weekend of happiness!